Our continuous support for the many social causes is hinged on the fact that we at ADB do not only look at the short-run financial returns in our day-to-day operations. We believe that by committing some token to worthy causes we help build a ‘feel good’ atmosphere among not only members of the communities in which we operate, but also among our workforce who feel proud knowing that they are helping contribute to community empowerment and growth.

Furthermore, in today’s crowded banking marketplace, we believe that ADB must continue to strive and maintain its unique selling point (having won the Ghana Banking Award’s Most Socially Responsible Bank twice on the trot),which continues to separate us from the competition on the minds of customers. We believe that ADB’s ability to support many social projects also plays a role in building customer loyalty and we would continue to support the less privileged and other just causes while continuing to adhere to distinctive ethical values.

Please access all you need to know and how you qualify for our CSR Pojects here: ADB FINAL Corporate Social Responsibility Policy