The  ADB Visa Prepaid Card is not linked to your account and its ideal for your  those traveling and want to control spending, corporate/ SME Owners or staff, Gift cards for your loved ones for shopping, walk in remittance customers  etc.

Why the ADB Visa Prepaid Card? – You can LOAD YOUR CARD FOR FREE ANYTIME.

Widely Accepted: ADB Visa Prepaid Cards are accepted on over 11,000 Visa ATMs and 22 million Visa Point Of Sale (POS) Terminals worldwide for payment of goods and services. As well as all online payments.

Greater Security: Cards are chip based with all cardholder information encrypted. A transaction can only be authorized with the correct PIN. This restricts unauthorized use of your card. The card is not linked to your account with limited risk to only card. You can also replace lost cards with all your funds on previous card intact.

Convenient: Cash withdrawal and other ATM transactions can be made at any time of the day offering you 24hr access to your money

Simple: it is simpler than writing a cheque or making payment with cash. Load your card at your nearest branch TODAY.

Funds Transfer: Transfer of money can be made from one ADB Visa Prepaid Card to another.

Record Keeping: Each purchase or withdrawal is recorded automatically on your monthly bank statement, helping cardholders track and manage their expenses.

The ADB Visa Classic Prepaid Card is a product, targeted at individuals who require instant card issuance for travels and those who do not necessarily wish to maintain an account with the Bank but would want to use our international cards. The ADB Visa Prepaid Card is a pre-personalized international payment card instantly issued to customers to meet their various needs. This means it does not bear the cardholder’s name but a common name like ADB Prepaid card holder.

The prepaid card can be used on Visa ATMs, pay for goods and services on all Visa card accepting POS terminals worldwide and also for making Internet purchases securely as it is  verified by Visa (VbV). The card can be funded repeatedly during its validity period of three years.

Visit the nearest ADB branch today and get yours.

Link to Visa Prepaid Website :