The Asset Finance Unit of Agriculture Development Bank has a primary objective of providing an effective value-for-money capital expenditure financing program to each stakeholder to facilitate the acquisition of critical capital assets for business and personal use.

Primary Products and Services

The Asset Finance Unit, in pursuit of its primary objective, shall provide retail and corporate customers of the bank with a quick solution to their financing needs through its bouquet of products.  The primary focus of its activities is:

Finance Lease
This is a ‘full payout’ financing structure which spreads the full cost of an asset over the financing period.

Sale and Lease Back
This product offers businesses the opportunity to raise working capital by use of existing assets.  The structure involves the sale of existing assets of potential beneficiaries to ADB and the simultaneous leasing of the same asset by the beneficiaries.  ADB will finance up to 70% of the original cost of the equipment depending on its state and condition.

Vendor Leasing
This offers vendors the opportunity to build a business relationship with a financier who provides financing to customers of the vendor to acquire assets.

Operating Lease
Under this structure the beneficiary requires use of an asset under rental, for a period shorter than the asset’s economic (or useful) life.  The financier normally carries the responsibility and cost of insurance, repairs and maintenance.

The following products have been developed for customers of the bank.

Retail Products:

Household Asset Finance:  This product offers clients of ADB the opportunity to acquire critical Household Assets.  Your application would be processed within 48 hours of receipt of relevant documentation.

Private Equipment Finance:  This product is directed at Small and Medium Size Enterprises, and Individuals of High Net worth who may require equipment for business growth or personal use.

Auto Online:  This is a renowned financing vehicle that aims at providing a convenient medium for customers to access their preferred vehicle brands online.  Our close collaboration with a number of vehicle vendors gives you great flexibility with choice. You are just a click away from your dream car.

Corporate Products

Fleet Finance:  ADB underwrites Fleet Leases for local corporate clients as well as multinationals.  Our Fleet Financing program assists companies to address their requirement for management vehicles, staff auto financing as well as operational fleet financing.

Equipment Finance:  Multinationals, Large Corporates and SME’s can take advantage of our flagship equipment finance product to retool their business. This is typically a finance lease arrangement whereby the Client selects the desired equipment and it is financed by ADB with repayments spread between 2 and 4 years (i.e. 24 to 48 months).

The range of equipment financed under this product includes industrial Plant & Machinery, Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipment, Stevedoring Equipment, Printing Equipment, Office Equipment, Hospital Equipment etc.

Asset ReLease: This product provides a working capital boost for your business by releasing the cash locked up in existing assets.  ADB will finance up to 70% of the assessed value of the asset over the credit period.

Agricultural Products

Agri-Lease: The agri-lease provides direct financing to identifiable individuals and farm-based organizations for the acquisition of agriculture-based assets such as tractors, combine harvesters, outboard motors and other small farm implements.

Agri-Service Provider Lease: The product offers financial support to a Farm Equipment service provider who extends equipment support to Farm-Based organizations, Commercial Farmers and Small-holders.  We finance needs such as insitu irrigation systems, storage facilities, combine harvesters and other equipment.