This is a special loan facility designed for our cherished customers enjoying their pensions mainly to finance short term needs and finance their dream household items like furniture, television sets, school fees and fridges among other.

The customer must have been an ADB customer and whose monthly salary prior to retirement was regularly paid through ADB. The customer should be a member in good standing of a registered Pension Society and must meet the minimum pension income requirement of GHS 50.


  • The minimum salary should be GHS 50
  • The tenure  Period is ≤ 12 Months
  • Amount is ≤ 5,000
  • Letter of undertaken signed by the Chairman and counter signed by the secretary of the Pension Association that Applicant belongs to stating that it shall ensure that applicants monthly pension is paid through ADB
  • Customers complete application form from branch
  • Interest is ADB base rate + 5% per annum
  • Overdraft arrangement fee = GHS 10
  • Insurance cover for loan protection – 1% of Loan
  • Loan to be disbursed net of arrangement fees