All nationwide branches of ADB are on the e-zwich platform and we perform various associated functions from enrollment to card transactions. The ezwich smartcard is a very secure way of handling cash based on biometric (finger print) identification. The card can be used to perform various banking and retail transactions. Get your ADB biometric e-zwich smartcard today and enjoy safe and secured banking anywhere and anytime. This card is for everybody including, the banked, un-banked and the under-banked.

The ADB E-zwich card can be used for the payment of all goods and services once the smart card is loaded with money.


  • Cash withdrawals
  • Payment for goods and services
  • Receiving salary and wage payments
  • Money Transfers
  • Bill Payments from any Ezwich Point of Sale (POS)
  • E-zwich merchants supermarkets, eateries, clinic and hotels


  • Money loaded on a smart card is secured and can only be accessed using your fingerprints
  • Payments are immediate and value is transferred instantaneously.
  • When you lose your card, you don’t lose your money.
  • Your card can also be used at any ATM, Point Of Sale Terminal or bank teller station
  • Money loaded onto your card can be accessed immediately
  • It is safe, convenient and secure

Sign on for an Ezwich Card TODAY.