ADB Visa Debit Cards are specially designed and highly secured Chip and PIN card to meet your domestic and international transactions. Chip cards or ‘smart cards’ are the latest technology in payment cards, making electronic payments very secure, faster and more flexible. Smart cards carry a microchip, which gives it that enhanced security feature which makes it nearly impossible to be skimmed by fraudsters. In addition, the data contained on a smartcard is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to personal account information. This give you the peace of mind you deserve when using our Visa Cards at any terminal worldwide.


  • Your ADB Visa debit card can be used as an ATM card at any ADB or Visa/Plus ATM across the world, as well as for making purchases at merchant locations using Visa POS.
  • More safety, more convenience
  • Your ADB debit card is extremely versatile and simple to use. It allows you the convenience of paying for your purchases directly from your bank account, without having to carry any cash! Besides, there is no worry of tracking and making payments for bills every month.


  • Free domestic and International POS  transactions
  • Highly Secured International Chip Visa Card
  • Convenient Online Shopping Access
  • Access over 180 different countries and over 24 million merchant locations worldwide
  • Optional SMS alert on all transactions
  • Prevents overspending
  • Transfer monies to other ADB accounts free of charge.
  • Free advice  when making a choice of card to suit your life style